C.C.Fine Tea's tea garden
C.C.Fine Tea's tea garden 2
C.C.Fine Tea's tea garden 3
C.C.Fine Tea's Garden


Garden to Cups

C.C. Fine Tea has more than 3,000 acres under Organic Control creating a very stable and healthy growing environment.

The cornerstone of C.C. Fine Tea is our gardens. Located in Zhejiang, Fujian, and Yunnan, our tea gardens allow us to control quality, picking fewer leaves, but at the right time and way so that we can produce the best products.  At these facilities we carry out growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, and packaging so that we can absolutely guarantee the quality of our tea and keep the cost fair.  Most importantly, we can speak about our teas with confidence and honesty to our partners and customers in America.


Real Tea, Real Life

 C.C. Fine Tea has been wholesaling real tea since 1997.  Founded and still run by Jason Chen, C.C. prides itself on producing the most consistent, high quality tea in the U.S. year after year.  In addition to doing large bulk business with global coffee companies, we also wholesale small quantities to specialty cafe, coffee and tea shops.  

We are able to offer tea drinkers the highest quality tea drinking experience, one that is beneficial for one's health. One that places an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Slim Tea Steeper from C.C.Fine Tea
Dragon Well (Long Jing) Green Tea


Dancing Leaves

When Jason founded C.C. Fine tea, he was driven by the desire to show people ‘real tea.’  Real tea has become our motto, and it encompasses the company’s mission: To sell tea that is the right variety, grown in the right region; tea that is affordable, delicious, and healthy.  In keeping with this goal,  all teas meets USDA and EU standards and are grown without pesticides. Everyday we strive to accomplish these goals and bring quality tea to America so that everyone can experience the potential of real tea.

* All images on www.ccfineteawholesale.com are taken from C.C.Fine Tea Corp. Copy rights  reserved.

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